The kiln in Wrisbergholzen and archaeological finds

In May 1990 a study seminar was held in Wrisbergholzen for students of architecture from the Institute for the History of Art & Building at the University of Hanover. In the course of this the foundation walls of the former kiln were found - amongst other things - because of the soot-blackened ceiling (small picture) - at the previously assumed place (see also reconstruction of sketches) and they were exposed:

Foundation walls of the kilnTür zur Diele und geschwärte DeckeIsometrieskizze Brennraum 

During the extensive excavation work many pieces of broken ceramic and workpieces from the production were found among other items. Some of these can be seen exhibited in a small museum housed in the factory building. The most interesting pieces, however, are on long-term loan to the Kestner museum in Hanover, e.g.:

Roller jug, finds 1990Bruchstücke von Walzenkrügen

Roller jug, 2nd half of 18th Century, completed with fragments without detail, and
fragments of three roller jugs from the same production batch
Archaeological finds in Wrisbergholzen 1990

Fehlbrand mit Schamotteplatte 
False fire of dark-brown glazed stoneware with refractory clay disk


Left is seen a combustion base with tracks of a false fire. These refractory clay disks served as "inserting bases" in closed, cylindric containers, which protected the ceramics in the kiln with its glazes against the direct contact with the fire and destructive steam.


Fragments of various plaster moulds, which were used in the faience factory.
The face is a recently produced plaster casting with the original along side it.

Pictures of the factory building

Pictures of faiences from Wrisbergholzen

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